Make $1000 A Day

The internet is one huge market and it is possible to make $1000 a day internet marketing. However this will not happen overnight. Use the tips and advice on internet marketing in the articles that follow and you could be on your way to internet marketing success.

The Biggest Internet Marketing Mistake Ever

It is perhaps the biggest mistake that newcomers to internet marketing make. The tendency to focus on trying to make money from the big markets online is rampant amongst beginner online millionaire aspirants. This results in a lot of dismayed newbies, a lot of frustration and eventually a lot of failure. 

I think it goes without saying but just to clarify: Trying to generate a profit in these markets when your competition are EXPERTS at doing what you are still learning how to do is a recipe for disaster. 

What I am about to tell you is by no means new advice but I never cease to notice the number of people failing to heed this advice. 

The advice? You have to (if your starting out anyway) focus your internet marketing on a niche market! You have to concentrate on creating monetized sites in markets where your pages have a chance to be found by people through search engines. 

Of course there are other ways to get traffic. The other most common form for newbies is to use pay per click campaigns. The problem is that the keywords in these enormous markets are so expensive that they are usually out of reach for the new marketer. 

By focusing your internet marketing on a niche market you instantly increase your chances of success ten fold! You will spend less money, get more traffic and be able to hone your skills in a more ‘friendly’ environment. If you start out this way you may be able to gather the expertise to properly compete in the super competitive markets later on down the track!  

The only question is “how do I find a niche”? The internet is such an amazing place that new markets are being created every day so unlike the big impenetrable markets there is an endless supply of niches. This is an important step to make $1000 a day internet marketing.

Internet Marketing: Top 14 Website Promotion Tips

To make money on the internet you need an effective marketing plan. So here are the best marketing tips that you should follow to make your website a powerful magnet for traffic and sales.

1) Banner Advertising 

Although many marketers already know about the pay-per-click search engines, very few are purchasing guaranteed banner click-thru’s that are available on hundreds of sites. Look for sites that cater to your target market and look for, or ask for, their advertising rates. Slowly but surely most of the sites that sold banner impressions are starting to offer performance advertising in the form of pay-per-click. 

2) Write Articles 

Writing Articles is an excellent way to promote your website and best of all you can get recognized as an internet business expert. This is very easy to do, for people that don’t know how to write well look at other articles to get some ideals. After you write an article insert a link to your site and publish it at an online article directory.  

3) Exchange Links 

Exchanging links is one of the best methods for getting web site traffic and ranking higher with search engines. When you start a site you should exchange as many links as you can with sites that are RELATED to YOUR site. Search Engine’s robots are eager to find new links and fresh information. 

4) Mailing List 

Having a mailing list can bring wonders to a web site, not only will it help bring old visitors back, but they may send the newsletter to their friends. This is like gold for you. The only real purpose for a consumer website is to capture leads and to sell products. By leads I mean e-mail addresses. You want to build up a customer list and then you want to work it repeatedly. Send out a monthly e-zine that offers FREE valuable information and mentions similar products that they may be interested in. 5. Search Engine Optimization 

It is no secret that search engines are the number one traffic generating method for driving visitors to web sites. The major search engines develop and maintain their own gigantic database of web sites that can be searched by a user typing in a keyword or keyword phrase in the search box. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of studying the search engines in an effort to determine how to get your web site to rank high on user searches. Depending on the statistical information reviewed, search engines account for over 80% of the visitor traffic to web sites.

6. Pay-Per-Click 

It is good to get traffic but it is even better to get sales. Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to pull targeted traffic. Could anything be better? In many cases, pay-per-SALE advertising is a better choice. With pay-per-clicks, you may or may not make sales. With a pay-per-click program, there’s very little or even NO risk. You only pay when you make sales. Affiliate programs and joint ventures are examples. Set up deals where you pay only for each sale. 

7. Free Online Forum. 

The forum can be on any topic that people are interested in. One forum can be about “Online Business”. Another forum can be about “ Joint Ventures”. When people join those forums, make sure that they need to come to your site first and log in from there, if they want to log on and post on the forum. 

8. Give Something For FREE 

FREE Ebooks or Software is a good way to bring on visitor and to keep them at your site. Visitors like to receive free offers so entice your visitors with freebies and have them coming back for more. 

9. Postcard 

Simple low-cost postcards have become a valuable internet business tool for modern marketers. They can produce a wave of traffic to your web site or a flood of high-quality sales leads. 

10. Market Statistics 

You can use features on your website such as visitor polls, online surveys and your website statistics to find out what your customers like more and how they feel about certain aspects of your business to determine how you can improve your product and the way you do business. 

11. FREE Advertising 

There is a lot of FREE Advertising on the Internet. There are Classified Ads, Free For All Pages (FFA), Ezine, Article Submission and Newsgroups of course and many more. 

12 . Blogging 

Blogs are a relatively new and popular way to publish content on the Internet. They allow the blogger to publish content very quickly AND get feedback from the people that read it. Because they are new and content is created regularly, search engines love indexing them – and if search engines love them, you should too. 

13. Real Syndicated Content 

RSS marketing is a tool used by many on the Internet to deliver articles, advertisements, emails, customer support responses, ezines to clients and potential clients. It is also a good way to rank higher on search engines and gain traffic from different web sites with RSS. 

14. Press Releases 

A press release is a public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications for the purpose of letting the public know of company developments. You should write on news about your business. Don’t make your release a sales letter. It will get banned. Search engines adores press releases. They are food for them. A good press releases can bring thousand of free visitors to your website.