Connected Marketing: The Viral, Buzz and Word of Mouth Revolution is the comprehensive book that reveals the principles and practice of this emerging field.

The book is edited by Justin Kirby and Paul Marsden, and it includes a foreword by Emanuel Rosen (author of the bestselling Anatomy of Buzz).

Through a wide range of solutions and case studies from the coalface, presented by 17 opinion-leading academics, consultants and practitioners from around the world, Connected Marketing demystifies viral, buzz and word of mouth marketing. It also demonstrates that managing successful connected marketing activity is possible through an organized series of decisions and approaches – it’s not a hit-or-miss quest for that one groundbreaking idea.

Here is the full list of authors:

Allard, Stéphane
(now) Directeur Général Associé de, Via Nova Spheeris, France

Brown, Schuyler
(now) Principal and Founder, SkyeLab, US

Cakim, Idil
(now) vice president Interactive Media, GolinHarris, US

Corcoran, Andrew
(now) Sales & Marketing Director Leicester City Football Club and Lecturer, Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, UK

Curran, Steve
President, Pod Digital, US

Ferguson. Brad
Founder, Intrinzyk, US

Foxton, Justin
Founding Partner and CEO, CommentUK, UK

Goodkind, Graham
Founder and Chairman, Frank PR, UK

Kirby, Justin
Founder and Managing Director, Digital Media Communications, UK and Australia

Marsden, Paul
(now) Director, Clickadvisor Ltd, UK

Mulhall, Liam
Founder, Brewtopia, Australia

Nyilasy, Greg
(now) Research Account Executive, Hall and Partners, US

Oetting, Martin
(now) Head of Communications and Consulting at trnd – the real network dialogue, Germany

Röthlingshöfer, Bernd
independent author, Germany

Rusticus, Sven
CEO, Icemedia, Netherlands

Snyder, Pete
Founder and CEO, New Media Strategies, US

Zorbach, Thomas
Founder and CEO, vm-people, Germany


… the idea of ‘connected marketing’ has already become a significant and important part of the marketing mix … The various chapters include a number of impressive case studies, many of which demonstrate how WOM needs to be part of an integrated, holistic campaign, and which rightly emphasise… WOM’s market power.

— Marketing Bookshelf review by Roderick White, Admap, 1 March, 2006

…epitomises what thought leadership should be but rarely is. Here is a collection of viewpoints from people that are genuine pioneers talking about how buzz, WOM and viral can really work for a brand. It’s pretty much essential reading for all marketing innovators that would like to make a difference to their brands. (Read more here.)

— Brand Republic book review

…gives a great summary of the new style of word of mouth marketing. One of the key points made in the article is the need to connect with key influencers within your target audience. And there are some great tips on how to embrace this new “connected marketing”.

— Marketing Nous review of book excerpt

…one of the best articles I’ve seen that summarizes the origins and techniques of viral/buzz/word-of-mouth marketing… does a great job of demonstrating what connected marketing means and how to measure and use it.

— Library Marketing – Thinking Outside the Book review of book excerpt

…a collection of analyses and opinions provided by the pioneers at the forefront of the new wave, examining properly (and in many cases, for the first time) the ways in which buzz, WOM and viral can really affect a brand… grab yourself a copy of Connected Marketing, a concise and useful way not only to see how things work – if at all – but also to pick up some valid tricks of the trade. We also suspect that this handy tome might prove a valuable tool to coerce even the most reluctant client into some of the more creative possibilities on offer. (Read more here.)

— Contagious magazine book review

If everyone in marketing read this book (which you can guarantee they won’t given the number of them who have their heads in the sand), 100% of marketing plans would change.

— James Kydd, Brand Director, Virgin Mobile UK

As marketing morphs into a consumer-generated medium, books like this are going to be extremely important roadmaps for success.

— Larry Weber, Chairman and CEO of W2 Group, Inc. and Founder of Weber Shandwick

Viral, buzz, referral, blogs, street marketing and stealth marketing are all facets of word of mouth, the most powerful force in building a brand. This book covers all aspects of the subject in a useful and interesting way.

— Al Ries, author, The Origin of Brands

Essential reading for all marketing innovators. Paul Marsden was originally recommended to me by another marketing professional who I respect, which illustrates the key premise of this excellent book.

— Sean Gogarty, Global Brand Development, Unilever

Viral marketing is proving an effective and credible tool for reaching our elusive, young target group. It is a fact that the effectiveness of traditional media channels is decreasing – basically you’re trying to shoot a fly with a cannon. So the choice is easy: either you innovate or you’re sure to lose the marketing war. This book helps you innovate.

— Sascha Weil, Area Communications Manager, O’Neill Europe

The complexities of viral marketing virtually require multiple perspectives for a full explanation. This book provides 360 degrees of insight for 360 degree marketing.

— Marian Salzman, EVP, JWT

Marketers cannot afford just to get lucky; they have to get smart. They must master what Connected Marketing sets out to teach – the art and the science of word of mouth, viral and buzz marketing. This book provides rich, rigorous and actionable insights into how marketers can mobilize customers as never before on behalf of brands. So read it – and then spread the word.

— Jeffrey F. Rayport, Chairman of Marketspace LLC of Monitor Group, and former faculty member at Harvard Business School