CM site coordinator Justin Kirby is the keynote speaker on October 8 at Neuronio08, the annual conference, and awards ceremony run by Portugal’s telecoms and postal giant CTT.

The conference theme is about gaining superior intelligence by learning how to communicate with the new breed of consumers.

Justin’s keynote speech ‘HAS WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKETING GOT A FUTURE?’ discusses:

What is word-of-mouth marketing? Why are businesses so interested in it now? And are they getting carried away with a passing trend and missing the point of customer participation? Justin will present his take on the rise and potential fall of word of mouth marketing, and discuss why and how he thinks companies should involve consumers directly in product and service innovations and developments at the very heart of the business process – truly aligning demand and supply.

Other speakers include the Director General of web communications consultancy Seara, the Head of GE Money Portugal and the Director of Marketing Services at Nestle Portugal.

You can find out more about the conference here.